Saturday, May 1, 2010

another day?

up at 5 a.m. Can't sleep! So tired of not being able to sleep. I look at my beautiful daughter sleeping peacefully. I'm jealous! My mind begins to race from the very moment I wake up. I try to get on my knees and pray, hoping that will turn off the noise in my head. Mostly I think and re-think about all the conversations, what I want to say, but can't, how words get twisted, all the crap I'm dealing with.

Then I go over trying to to remain calm & serene. After all , the day hasn't even began yet! What can I do today to maintain my serenity. I have a copy of coffee. That's always a good start. Piping hot and full of cream and sugar!

I think I'll take a hot shower and think (there I go again) of what I can do today to remain peaceful!

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