Sunday, November 11, 2012


  Yesterday morning started out as a beautiful Saturday morning.  My young princess woke up lazy as she usually does.  Stretching and yawning for about 20 minutes, before she actually gets out of bed.  This Saturday morning, we were not rushed.  I love those days!  I crawled in bed with her, and we 'took time for snuggles'.  This is very important, as during the week we are almost always rushing out the door.

So I cooked a delicious saturday morning breakfast, and she watched her morning cartoons, playing with her dolls, as I cleaned the house.  I had her in my room in the back, because this Saturday I was working on her room.  All of a sudden I hear this loud bang on my door.  I peer out the window to see who it is, but I cant see from where I'm at.  I go downstairs and ask, "who is it?'

To which my ex-husband (baby daddy) replies it is him.  Now this is a guy that hasn't shown up in my daughter's life in over a year!  A year!  Then he just randomely shows up at my door?  I freaked out!  He has sent one or two emails to myself, and my father spewing about what  a good father he is, and he wants to see his child.  In my book, one email every 8 months does not make for a good father.  In fact it makes for nothing.  Doesn't even deserve a reply.  It isn't even contingent on the fact that he hasn't payed any child support.  The reality is, he missed his daughter's last birthday, and Christmas, didn't even call, nothing.  He lives 30 minutes away, so there is just no excuse.  His last email 3 months ago was about how he is such a good father and how I have changed my phone number several times, and blah blah blah.  All total lies, so I didnt even respond.

Then he shows up at my door! I freaked out!  Shows how unstable he really is.  He can't just show up!  This is where God comes in!  GOD IS SO GOOD!  The ex could have parked in guest parking, two spaces over.  But instead of doing that, he parks in my parking stall, backed in, facing my door!  Total intimidation tactic.  He starts banging on the door, yelling for his daughter.  Another bullying tactic.  What?  He thinks I'm just going to open the door?  No!  I call the police. Police come out.  They tell him he has to work it out in court.  Right!  Just like I have to work out in court the fact that there is a child support order but he is STILL not paying!  I agree with the cops, let him go to court, just like I have to.  In the meantime, he cant show up after a year, and expect me to send my 6 year old out the door.

The cops are about to send him away.  But first they run his name.  UH OH!  Turns out he has two warrants!  Oh yea, and that raggedy car you parked in my spot, tags have been expired for a year!  Guess that goes too!  Tow truck showed up right behind the patty wagon!

Thank You Lord, for your wonderful sense of humor!

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