Wednesday, August 11, 2010


This should have been the first step. But it's ok if you cry first. Just don't forget to pray. If your not a believer then may i kindly suggest you reconsider. Im here to tell you God answers prayers. I am living proof.
Just two weeks ago I was calling around looking for womens shelters for myself & four year old daughter. Thats because my loser ex 'has his own bills to pay'. Apparently that comes before the welfare of his child. I couldn't pay rent and wasn't sure what i was going to do. So i prayed. It sounds funny right? Like how is prayer going to pay the rent? I don't know how it does, it just does.
You must put your faith in God. 100%. God does and will take care of you. It is my belief that if you are living true to God, he will take care of you. In other words, you cant lie, cheat & steal, destroy your self by using drugs, or heavily drinking, claim your a christian & quote the bible, then abuse yourself, family, or friends. You must try to do the best you can do with the life God gave you. He doesn't expect perfection. Just effort.
Lesson 2. Pray. Pray. And Pray. When your not praying, Live as honestly as you can. And when your prayers are answered, dont forget to say Thank You.
Thank You.
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