Sunday, December 4, 2011 Profile!

So, as previously stated I have decided to join  It should be a very interesting journey.  I encourage those who are considering the same, to follow me and see how it goes!  This will be an honest, open, and often humorous blog!  Some may not appreciate my sense of humor!  I can already see that coming!  I cannot write about this without calling it as I see it,  so here goes:

I have had many discussions with friends about this before I actually did it.  Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE I have spoken to has said this is  a 'must do'!  I heard everything from, "I met my husband on" to, "only losers go to the internet for dating".  Seriously, I am NOT an internet dater! I have never one this nor considered doing anything like this.  First and foremost, I don't believe what people write.  I am suspicious by nature.  Thus my dilemma.  I'm suspicious anyway, and prefer to wait and see what a man does, rather then what he says.

You can 'browse for free'.  I got on Match and decided to 'browse.'  That act alone is worth a couple of hours of laughter!  I mean seriously...if you set up a profile name of 'softkisser' or 'bestkisser' or 'bizzle' or 'boytoy' or 'ImaKING', I really can't read much further.
I especially love the photos of men that look like prison photos.  You know the kind with the pastel paint in the background and he's wearing a plain white tee.  Don't ask me how I know this...I just do.  Or even better, when they REALLY look like they are or have been recently been released from a crazy institution.  What are these guys thinking?  All bug eyed trying to catch a women.  It's really quite funny.  If you want some good free entertainment, just go 'browse' for a minute!
To set the record straight, the above comments are not to say that I look better then anyone else.  Or to make fun of those not so attractive.  I truly believe there is someone for everyone so that is not what I'm talking about.  I'm really talking about people that post their pictures and really do LOOK crazy!
So I browsed through the photos.  Out of about 100 pics I found one guy that I thought looked & sounded interesting.  I don't date men based on looks.  Been there, done that.  Fine men are often the dumbest! asks a lot of questions.. Mostly stupid ones.  Like, what kind of animals do you like-and then they list, dog, cat, bird, fish...I mean who really cares if I will like your pet fish???
Most of the answers are standard, 'I like long walks on the beach'...occasionally a guy will be pretty funny.  This means nothing.  Just because they can write funny, doesn't mean they are!
I took the time to fill out my profile and then posted it!  YIKES!  That was last week.  I did not join  I'm the kind of person that really likes to weigh the pro's and cons before I actually partake.  So I posted my profile and a week later I see that I have 41 emails!  41!  That's good right?  I mean if you look at the odds, I haven't had 41 guys ask me out this week!  So before I even read the emails, which I can't do unless I join-that's how they get you.  I wanted to post my original perception of the browsing thing.  Honestly, I am interested in seeing who and what kind of men have emailed me.  So please subscribe or follow me on twitter or just keep reading to see what happens!

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