Tuesday, December 6, 2011


2nd day in and I've decided to actually answer some of these 48 emails.  Not the ones that are ridiculous!  There are many of those!  Can you believe that men actually start with 'Hey Baby.'  Really?  I also cannot believe how many men actually send an email that starts with, "you know you want to meet me?"  Really?  uh..no, not really!  Seriously, I'd say at least five men sent an email that started with, "you know you want to meet me?"  Here's my favorite: 

How are you today love. I like your profile and pictures are up my alley. Check me out and see if you dig me as much as most people do ;). We could meet up for a quick beer at maybe Cook's Corner and see whats up. Nothing formal. So don't fight it, you know you want to meet me. Don't be escared, i'm not. I've dated beautiful women all around the world LOL

I'm not sure if this is a joke!  Did he really just say that?  Cook's corner?  For those of you that don't know Cook's corner is this completely dive breakfast/lunch place that looks like it is serious need of renovation!  I've never been inside and have no idea if the food is good, because.....I'm too scared!  Honestly, it looks like it's been around since the 1800's, needs a fresh coat of pain or something.  Keep in mind I live in Newport Beach California.  Denny's look nicer then this place!  Not an ideal first impression to say the least!  Maybe all those 'beautiful women' from around the world should have clued him in!

My favorite email came from a 39 year old guy.  Probably not my type, but could not have asked for a better email.  Take note men:

Wow! Whats the secret? I would guess that you are 29 years old…keep up the great work! You look fantastic:)

I know the 29 years thing is a bit of a stretch,  but it sounds good right?  Sweet and simple.  No 'hey baby' involved no, 'Google me because I'm the best your gonna get'.  (I got that too!)  None of that!  

Anyway.  I still have emails to go through, so I will keep everyone posted!  Please comment, subscribe, or follow me on twitter @kurucocktails

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