Thursday, January 27, 2011


Am I speaking English?  Do women speak English and men speak some secret language that we don't know about or are not privy to?  I can say, "The dog is chasing the cat." and somehow what the ex hears is, "That pussy likes to get chased around a tree."  I mean, not even close to what I said.  
My question is, "Is it my ex, or just men in general that they don't hear what we as women are saying."  Honestly, I think they speak a different language or something in their brain doesn't compute the way women's brains compute.  It's so odd. 

So the ex sends me a nasty text calling me foul names, liar, b., etc. etc.  Apparently someone has told him about I'm very surprised by this since I've been writing for about a year now, and he's just now hearing about it?  Not like I'm trying to hide it or anything.  I mean, it is posted on the internet.  So I tell him too bad if you don't like it.  It's how I feel, it's about as real as it gets, and by the way, did you actually read it?

He tells me that he only got to the part where I tell about how he emptied the bank accounts, and that's a total lie, and blah blah blah.  Uh... well, if you deposit 3800.03 into the account, and you withdraw 3800.03 from the account, that is pretty much draining the accounts.  If you do this more then once, that that means you have drained the bank accounts and left me and baby girl for dead.  Right?  I mean, 1+1=2.  Somehow he just doesn't get this.  I guess the $400.00 dollars he gave me makes him think that he is 'looking out for me."  By the way, the 3800.03 is the from the business we own together, that I started, just in case you haven't read this blog before.

Anyway, I'm just so confused because everything is such polar opposites.  I see black, he sees white.  Is it because we are black & white?  Is it because his brain speaks another language?  What the heck?  

I would love to hear other peoples feedback and wonder if men in their lives speak a different language, or vice versa, women v. men.

In the meantime, I am still focused on taking care of me and my baby girl.  No matter what a man says, what I have learned for sure, is no one takes care of you, but you.  That's not to say, you cannot have a beautiful relationship with a member of the opposite sex.  It just means, have a secret stash!  Make sure you have a backup plan where you personally are taken care of.  Wow!  Took me a lot of years to learn that.  Wish I would have met up with with Oprah Winfrey, Suzie Orman, Cynthia Bailey, or other women that learned this lesson at a young age.  I will be teaching my daughter, starting now. :)


Anonymous said...

i guess i will comment since no one else has. its really terrible how you've turned out. bitter and evil.. i pray for you constantly. GOD knows when i left you i t was the single hardest thing i ever did in my life. but working 70 hours a week and paying for our beach house and 2 new cars wasnt cuttin it when i came home to a screaming demon of a woman that almost got me killed by the long beach police department because i'm black and your white and white is right at first glance to the authorities.

anyway, you chose to party your ass away and just become a fake miserable person. occassionally i check your bloga and see what your upto. and its no differant from when you were 20 years younger! your tryna find the next party. you have a daughter and are on welfaree because you party, work under the table and love getting over on life. well, your not getting over life is passing you by. you can say what you want to about me, but real people know who you are and who i am. i wish things could of ended differant. i started going back to church the moment i left you because i needed answers and direction. GOD chose me. and i chose HIM.
what worries me is your relationship with your son in relation to my daughter. she doesnt like him. and she doesnt like him screaming at you. and she doesnt like when you lock her in her room so you and him can have a screaming match. i'm warning you, your really gonna find yourself by yourself. because the courts will give me custody especially with you claiming welfare now.. i thought about reporting you to the fraud unit because thats something you would do to me. but i'll always take the higher road.. and you? you have'nt gotten on the road..your still at the same party you were at in your 20's.. i really wish you the best. you always look soo sad and tired. and nervous.. its not my concern what you do , other than my daughter. but i will continue to pray.. wait until you read my book. i just signed a publishing deal!

once again, i'm sorry i didnt see the things you did behind the scenes. but it still didnt give you the right to try an kill me emotionally because you beleived somewhere in the million hours i worked i was cheating. i wasnt cheating i was depressed and alienated from my wife, who should'ah been my best freind after the police almost killed me. and now you want money to testify against the racist cops who came to our home and tried to kill me?

Anonymous said...

hahahaha! I just read your comment. So funny. Yes, I had to go on welfare because you stole all the business, drained the business accounts, and left me and your daughter for dead. I got an idea. Pay child support and I won't have to be on welfare! I really could go on and on, about how dilusional you really are. Our beach house??? Really?? Is that the lie you tell to the new girls you meet? Hey, What ever happened to those two cars??? Oh I still have mine-the one that I pay for and is in my name, but what about the Magnum?? Where's that? And as far as raising my daughter. You can't say anything about it. You are never around. Just a sperm donor as far as I'm concerned. It takes a real man to be a father. You really have no idea, since you are not involved and never bother to call or spend time with her. You expect HER to call you. Never mind that she is FIVE. Her calling you would actually mean me calling you. And thanks, but no thanks.

I really could call you out on a whole bunch of other lies you just told. But honestly, you are not worth my time.
I hope God gives to you everything you have given to us.....Oh that's right, he already has. Didn't you loose your car, job, apartment you rented, another car, live with your granny, about to get the truck that I helped you get, repossed.

Oh yeah, and lastly, pretty sure you knew I was white when you married me.

So happy my God has a sense of humor!

Anonymous said...

oh yeah, 70 hours a week???? what a joke! more like 7