Tuesday, August 23, 2011


This is just a random post.  But really, I am so irritated I feel I must write.  People give Kim Kardashian so much grief!  So what if she spent millions on her own wedding!  IT'S HER WEDDING!  Not only that, has anyone noticed that SHE WORKED FOR IT!  I'm so tired of all the media saying 'what does she do?' 'She's famous for nothing" blah blah blah.  Really?  Here's a news flash:  SHE IS A BUSINESSWOMAN.  Not only that, she is an extrememly smart businesswoman.  Ask yourself, NBC, ABC, E NEWS, how many people do actually know that can brand themselves, themselves alone, and turn it into a multi-million dollars business?
Yes, she is a pretty girl.  But I live in L.A. and there are lots of very beautiful woman.  She is not the only one.  Yet, Kim Karrdashian made 10 million dollars last year.  10 MILLION DOLLARS!  And do you know why?  Because she's smart!  And her mom is too!  And maybe her mom made all the deals for her, I don't know because I don't know either one of them personnally, but I do know one thing.  Kim gets up every morning and brand's herself everyday.  No going to the grocery store, or even stepping outside looking raggedy.  She has to look good even if she is working out!  This takes work! Through hard-work, and hard-work only did she earn what she has.  And not 'just by being beautiful'.
Mommy may have made all the deals, but Kim shows up and works!  I say GOD BLESS HER!  Good work!  and YOU GO GIRL!
 If I made 10 million dollars, I'd have the wedding of my dreams as well, complete with flying elephants.  I wouldn't care what anyone said about it.  And if I can got the champagne donated and someone else to pay for -just because they like the way I look-then more power to me!  So all you haters, stop hating!.  Be happy for a young girl who dreamed of her wedding day for a long time and finally realized her dream!  I am happy for them both.

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